Sunday, 22 December 2013

Who I am...

Hi Schoolmates-to-be,
I am Kholmirzaeva(surname) Laylo(name).I am from a country in Central Asia,called Uzbekistan.
It is near Russia.My hobby is mostly reading.I love to read all kinds of books;fiction,non-fiction,English or otherwise. I am more of an indoor person rather than outdoor, but I do practise sports on weekends.My favourite sports would have to be archery and BASKETBALLLL <3.I go for archery competitions but not basketball ones.
I do enjoy talking to people and I mostly get along well with people. My tendency to get to action  varies.I can be impulsive at times rush into things and I can also be well-planned and prepared at other times.
I hope to make friends with all of you.

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